Fresh Dairy Produce

A completely grass fed diet not only keeps our jersey cows happy, but also produces the best quality golden milk. Their nutrient rich natural diet from grazing our fields near Okehampton, in the heart of the Devon countrywide, makes for the best tasting, delicious jersey milk with a glorious layer of cream and high protein levels. Our gold top milk is naturally delicious.

Ethical. Sustainable. Irresistible.

Golden Milk

Our milk is pasteurised, unhomogenised, whole milk from pasture fed Jersey and Jersey X cows. The golden Jersey milk our cows produce is thick and deliciously creamy. We believe in farming methods that allow our Jersey cows to naturally graze from our rich fields in the heart of Devon. Trust us when we say you can truly taste the difference!

Here at Taw River Dairy we only milk our cows once a day, this ensures our milk is of the highest quality and nutrition possible. The milking takes place once the calves have had their breakfast, ensuring no one goes hungry! The raw milk is taken to our on-site processing room, here it is turned into the delicious products that are available to you.

Allowing all our cows to rear their own calves is fundamental to our holistic beliefs. This allows our calves to be reared in the best way possible and that combined with allowing our cows to graze as many days as possible makes for happy cows, which in turn makes for happy milk.

Almost all of our Jersey cows produce A2 milk proteins, which studies are now finding to be more easily digestible than standard milk, meaning even those who have been called milk/dairy intolerant can enjoy the great taste of Taw River Dairy!

Cows’ milk is about 87 percent water and 13 percent solids – the solids being a combination of fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and protein. Most of milks’ protein is casein and up to two teaspoons per litre of milk is know as beta-casein. Most milk contains beta-casein proteins called A1, which have been shown to be hard to digest. It is now commonly agreed that people who experience discomfort drinking A1 milk may experience relief when they switch to milk like ours, with predominantly the A2 protein. Around 60% of our herd are full A2 and some of our products are made with just A2 milk.

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