Cowhide Collaboration Leatherware

Our beautiful hairy cowhides come from our ethically & organically farmed, retired dairy cows and their sons. Utilising the hides is a fundamental part of our sustainable approach to farming, respecting the lives of these magnificent creatures and ensuring as little goes to waste as possible.

Sustainability is the key focus of this collection. For us this means collaborating with local master craftswomen, ensuring durability and longevity of the product, being able to trace the hide we are using back to an individual cow, utilising all the hide to reduce waste and importantly that the cows are happy and content whilst they are with us.

Our cowhide comes from contented cows that have spent their lives grazing lush pastures on a farm that is nature friendly. They are exclusively pasture fed which means low food miles and minimal carbon emissions, compared to the environmental impact of conventionally feeding concentrates. The cows are outside grazing lush pastures as much as possible, year after year. There are wide hedges to nibble and woodlands to explore. The cows and calves stay together until the calf’s digestive system is mature enough to allow the calf to enjoy grazing independently. Due to this extended nurturing period we often witness special bonds existing between mother and daughter when they are reunited together in the milking herd again. We know each cow individually. When the time comes for the cows journey with us to end, we ensure that this process is as low stress as possible. To ensure that their life is respected, we believe in utilising as much as we can from the animal and this has led to us producing this leatherware range.

Our cowhide range emphasises our sustainable ethos, we hope to inspire you to consider the true socio-economic impact of your spending habits. Realising that a purchase can be more than just a frivolous buy but instead, your choice can mean something to you, it’s maker and your wider community. A decision that illustrates what you believe in – for shopping smarter, for sourcing from those working hard to make a difference and for ultimately owning items that are stylish and stand for the same principles that you do.

Cowhide Keyring

Our flawlessly hand stitched keyrings are simple yet sturdy, inlaid with a tactile cowhide heart and framed in traditionally Oak tanned leather from England’s last true tannery. Handmade and skilfully hand-stitched by local leatherworker Louise from LG Leatherworks, our keyrings currently come in two styles, a golden Jersey hide centre, or an earthy Red Devon core, both beasts from the Taw River Dairy herd. Our hairless leather is sourced from the J&FJ Bakers tannery in Colyton, Devon, Britain’s only remaining traditional Oak bark tannery.

Take a little bit of our sustainable dairy with you, wherever you go.

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Purse Making Kit

Our Make Your Own Purse Kit is simple and satisfying, suitable for all generations to enjoy. Tried and tested by our family and friends, this rewarding activity is suitable for anyone of school age and upwards. We have worked with the inspiring women at Green Shoes who hand prepare each kit. As well as a sumptuous piece of hairy hide from Taw River Dairy, it contains discarded leather pieces from the traditional shoe making process at Green Shoes, enabling you to make something eye-catching whilst reducing what might have otherwise been thrown away. Even the cellophane packaging is biodegradable!

An enjoyable gift, or a gratifying project for yourself, either way this kit allows the owner a rewarding way to get hands on with sustainability.

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Cowhide Tote Bag

Own a bag that tells a story!

Our cowhide tote bag has been made with functionality in mind ensuring it is not only a statement piece to look at but also a useful and versatile bag to use. Each bag seals with a magnetic catch and has a practical, zipped pocket inside it’s canvas lining. It is the perfect size to carry all your essentials whether it be your laptop for a day at the office or some treasures from the local market.

Louise at LG Leatherworks, a local and traditional leatherworker, combines our cowhides with Devonian Oak bark leather to produce a luxurious and durable bag. It is the perfect gift for someone special or a conscientious addition to your own collection of slow and sustainable fashion.

Thoughtfully sourced and lovingly hand-made – just like fashion should be.

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Cowhide Belt

A fusion of locally tanned Oak bark leather and our hairy cowhide results in a belt that is durable and makes accessorising sustainably look good. Buckled with brass and built to last!

Our hairy hide belt is a timeless piece designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Cowhide Cushion Cover

Available using our golden Jersey hide, or our earthy Red Devon hide, both derived from the contented cows raised here at Taw River Dairy. With full traceability from our farm to your sofa you can rest easy knowing that your hairy hide cushions help support ethical and sustainable farming.

Effortlessly add style and sustainability to your home with our cowhide cushion covers.

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Due to the nature of using an organic material, each piece of leatherware will naturally vary in print and colour, which may differ slightly from the images on the website.
Leatherware Care
Leather can have a whiteish residue of dubbin on the grain side. This can easily be removed with a soft bristled brush.
If your leatherware item gets wet allow the leather to dry naturally. We do not recommend drying your item on a radiator or direct heat source. Gently clean the leather with a soft cloth and apply a leather balm to protect and feed the leather when necessary.
The cowhides are hardwearing and durable. Each hide is supple, does not shed and can simply be wiped clean if soiled.