Our beautiful hides all come from our cows here at Taw River Dairy. We can offer complete traceability of each hide ensuring the cow’s welfare within our natural farming ethos and the standard of the hide itself.

Not only do we farm our beautiful Jersey herd that we use to produce our rich and creamy dairy produce but we also have a variety of other breeds on the farm, helping us to utilise the different environments that our farm offers.

Our hides are produced from our retired milking cows and the other breeds of cow that we keep here on our farm. Where these cows can otherwise be seen as expendable, as they are not a productive part of a farm, our hides allow us to give these animals a life that is fundamental to our holistic beliefs and then to stick to our sustainable approach to farming by ensuring that as little goes to waste as possible.

Our hides are available in a variety of colours and sizes. From our golden Jerseys and our tawny red Devon crosses to our individually striped and colour marked cows, we have a great selection of ever changing hides obtainable. Our website shows what variations we have available at the moment but if you have a particular colour or size you are after we hold a waiting list of requests and we can contact you when we have the hide you are looking for available.

Each hide is of high quality and is chrome tanned which means that they are not only easy to care for but are hard wearing and durable too. They are designed to be a part of your home to be enjoyed and to simply get better and better with time. Each hide is supple and does not shed.

If you would like more photos or information of any of the hides we currently have available we would be happy to send these to you.

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