Organic Natural Cotton Tea Towels

Our organic natural cotton tea towels come in two ranges. The first is our Native Grazing animals, illustrated in four different lino cut designs by Dartmoor artist Marielle Ebner-Rijke. These include a Jersey cow, a Belted Galloway bull, an Exmoor Horn ram and a Romney ewe and lambs.

Beautiful quality and packed in completely recyclable materials, our tea towels make a wonderful gift or the perfect practical present for you. Made in the UK our tea towels are machine washable and iron safe.

Marielle Ebner-Rijke is an artist and printmaker living on the edge of Dartmoor, inspired by the grazing animals down the lane on our farm.

Our Rowden Wildlife Project tea towel is a celebration of the wildlife preservation and promotion project promoting nature friendly farming on our farm. Local artist Chloe Blount Monk has been inspired by the wildlife here and has hand illustrated the flora and fauna found here at Rowden, home of Taw River Dairy

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Growable Greeting Cards

Our handmade card contains wildflower meadow seeds. Once your note has been read, the card can then be planted under a thin layer of potting compost, given a good watering and then enjoyed as part of your flower garden.

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Looking for a gift with a difference?

Why not sponsor one of our Jersey calves? Sponsoring our calves helps support our work here at Taw River Dairy whilst giving you a wonderful insight into how our calves grow and our farming practices. To find our more visit our Sponsorship Page.