Our dairy is situated in a quaint corner of Devon called Rowden. Rowden is home to our wildlife preservation and promotion project where we use nature friendly farming to encourage biodiversity and abundance.

On our 400 acre rented farm & woodland areas, we farm extensively with sustainability and nature at the core of our ethos. We have a variety of different environments on the farms, large open grassland fields, small well hedged fields, herbal leys, culm grassland, mature oak woodland, a couple of ponds, streams and the River Taw.

Our project is being managed and the data collated and translated by The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG). FWAG are helping to advise us on habitat creation and improvement at Rowden. We are also working with organisations who specialise in the different species we are striving to encourage to thrive on our land.

The aim of the project is initially to do a thorough baseline survey to find out what wildlife/habitats are here, and then make advised changes and monitor whether species are increasing in population over time.

As we see wildlife numbers develop and variety of species documented, we hope to be able to demonstrate to the public and others that work in agriculture that wildlife can be promoted within a productive farming system.

We are excited to share our project with everyone. From connecting to the public with wildlife walks and monitoring, night time bat watching, butterfly days, pond dipping, school and youth group visits and many other events that we hope can be of interest to all ages and levels of wildlife knowledge.

To find out more about our wildlife project, you can visit our dedicated website here.