Why choose us

Free Range Farming

Taw River Dairy has always been about the cows and the environment. We believe farming should work with the environment and not against it. We farm organically and keep animal medicine usage to an absolute minimum, no antibiotics are used on the farm. Holistic grazing techniques help to build soil structure and organic matter, we even have our own bees help to pollinate our meadows. Low food miles and reduced carbon emissions are just a couple of the benefits of not buying in feed for the farm, most concentrated feeds are made up of cereals imported from all over the world!

Calf at Foot Dairy

Here at Taw River Dairy, we do things a bit differently! All our dairy cows rear their own calves, we only milk the cows once a day and remove the milk that the calves do not need. Our cows are grazing for at least 280 days a year, they are only housed during the winter when the weather gets nasty and the fields become wet. All this makes our cows among the happiest cows in the country, and being happy and healthy they produce the most delicious milk!

Pasture Fed...for life

All of our happy cows have never been fed any concentrated feed or cereal grain. They graze our lush paddocks or (during winter) are fed hay/silage made during the summer when we have an excess of grass. Pasture Fed milk has been proven to be healthier for our bodies.